Dzanga-Ndoki National Park is the best place in Africa to observe Western Lowland Gorillas on the wild, forest elephants, bongo antelopes, and grey parrots. We have become specialists in organizing trips from Yaoundé and Bangui to Dzanga-Ndoki since we first visited this National Park in 2007. We loved the conservation project, where the local population fully participates in the protection of the flora and fauna of Dzanga-Ndoki, and we saw a great potential, since all animal lovers will want to visit Dzanga-Ndoki sooner or later. We subscribe to National Geographic’s description of Dzanga-Ndoki Reserve as ‘Last Paradise on Earth’.

Dzanga-Ndoki National Park is a member of the Tri-National Sangha complex, currently in the process to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Roundtrips to the other National Parks (Lobeke in Cameroon and Nouabalé-Ndoki in Congo) can be organized with ease.


Encountering the Western Lowland Gorilla

This experience is one that you never forget! It is the main purpose, together with Dzanga Bai, for reaching this remote part of Africa. Though encountering the gorillas cannot be guaranteed we must clarify that in 2010 nearly 100% of our clients taking part in this activity saw gorillas in close proximity. Several international researchers are living permanently in the camp of Bai Hokou and are responsible for locating and following the gorillas each day. Currently (2011) 6 tourists per day can partake in gorilla tracking (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon).

Visitors are informed of the rules of conduct at the camp.

Observing forest elephants and other animal species in Dzanga Bai:

Dzanga Bai is a forest clearing with a remarkable density of local wildlife. The Dzanga saline offers tourists the possibility to observe up to 100 elephants daily from an elevated platform. Besides elephants many other animal species that are characteristic for the Reserve can be observed: Sitatunga, forest buffalo, Bongo Antelope, wild boar, grey parrot and many other bird species.

Apart from the 2 great experiences of gorilla tracking and elephant observation, other activities that you can practice are: guided walks across the Rainforest to observe smaller monkeys, birds, and butterflies, hikes around the Bais, and rides along the mighty Sangha River.

Discovering the Baka pygmy culture:

The Baka or Bayaka pygmies are one of the most traditional groups in Africa. One of the great experiences of visiting Dzanga-Ndoki is getting to know their ancestral culture, based in hunting and gathering.

Exploring the Bantu tribal villages on the Dzanga-Ndoki region:

A visit of the small villages Yandoumbé and Mossapoula located in the vicinity of Dzanga-Sangha Reserve is the best way to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Bantu-speaking tribal groups.


From our offices in Douala, Cameroon we organise trips to Dzanga-Ndoki National Park all year around. Please feel free to contact us at any time.